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10-1203 *489 Hakusan Colour 4 Car Add on Set

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Series 489 Hakusan color 4-car add-on set (not powered)

The 489 series Hakusan color is rosy and light based on the conventional national railway limited express color, based on the oyster white, based on the renewal of the limited express "Hakusan" connecting JR Hokuriku and Hokuriku in 1988. It was born by changing the paint to ultra-blue and light cobalt blue.

The 6th car, Moha 489, has been remodeled into a lounge and a convenience car, and the window layout has been changed slightly.
Even after the abolition of Hakusan, which was associated with the opening of the Nagano Shinkansen in October 1997, he continued to play an active role on the Hokuriku Main Line limited express train and the express Noto. It was familiar for 14 years until it was returned.

Main features

● JR West's AC limited express 489 series. JNR express color is distinctive, and its innovative coloring is accurately commercialized.
● Limited express "Hakusan", commercialized H01 organization belonging to Kanazawa General Vehicle Center around 1997 as a prototype.
● The unique Moha 489-18 lounge & convenience car with its unique window layout and interior.
● Separately make early models equipped with mushroom type cooler (AU12 type) and late models equipped with decentralized and centralized coolers (type AU13 / AU71).
● The top car is the JNR mark removed, the front window of the double wiper, the front tie phone position skirt, and the train radio antenna mounting style.
● The head mark is “Hakusan”. "Asama", "Hakutaka", "Noto" and "Temporary" are included for exchange.
● Seals are included for side curtains and sabots. Destination corresponding to attached head mark including “Hakusan” is set. Car number is printed.
● The first car on the Ueno side, Kuha 489-501, comes standard with a knuckle coupler that can be connected to EF63.
● Body mount type KATO coupler expansion and contraction type is standard equipment in the middle.
● Power is equipped with a well-established flywheel power unit. You can enjoy stable driving.
● The package is a 4-car type book case specification for both the basic set and extension set.

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