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10-1389 *Series 165 Express Alps

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This express train used to carry hikers and skiers to the Japan Alps from Tokyo. Kato is producing this train as a 8 car set, with a 4 car set also available to make up the full 12 car train.

One of the famous trains operating on the 165 series is the Alps. It can be said to be a synonym for express trains on the Chuo East Line. During the heyday of express trains during the JNR era, Salo and Sahashi were connected, and the buffet car Sahashi provided snacks and Shinshu soba.

In addition to Shinjuku-Matsumoto, the service section was on the Oito Line Minami-Otari. Split and merged operation with “Komagane” directly connected to the Iida Line and “Minobu” directly connected to the Minobu Line to the station on the way, and combined with a luggage train in the descending night Alps, and defrosted panters in the Oito Line Many interesting operations were seen, such as the organization that linked Kumoya 90 at the top.
The 12-car train seen at Shinjuku exit will be completed by combining with the previously released <165 series express "Komagane">. Combined with the "Alps" commercial vehicle set, which will be released at the same time, it will be combined with a luggage train between Shinjuku and Matsumoto, and will also serve as the first train of the Oito Line, which is connected to Kumoya 90 at the top. Can be reproduced.
Around 1975, when truck transportation was not as popular as it is today, dependence on rail transportation is high, and the nighttime `` Alps '' also plays the role of luggage transportation to the districts including newspapers , KUMONI 83 was used in conjunction with the rear of the 165 series.
In addition, this train also served as the first train of the Oito Line the next morning, so in the winter, there was a sight that the Kumoya 90 with a defrosting panta was connected to the top for the purpose of defrosting the frozen overhead line and aimed at the end of the South Otari It was seen.
We offer a set that allows you to enjoy the operation of express trains that cannot be seen in the modern railway scene in the N gauge world. Along with the simultaneous release of the 165 series "Alps", you can enjoy a variety of "Alps" organization, as well as luggage trains in combination with the existing Spmoni 83 800 series and Spider Uni 82, 101 series 800 series and 115 series It is also possible to reproduce trains combined with the 800 series.
Produced a new prototype vehicle that is different from the existing Kumoni 83 800 and Kumoya 90. It is also recommended for those who have existing products.

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