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10-1452 *JR 381 Series Yuttari Yakumo 7 Car Powered Set

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"Loose yakumo" which has a role of Yin-Yo communication connecting Okayama and Izumo city in Shimane prefecture is still operated in 381 series. As the route of the National Railways Limited Express progressed on other routes, internal and external renewals were carried out from 2006 (2006) to 2010 (2010). 

The 381 series "Loose Yakumo", which will be commercialized this time, is a combination of the characteristic panorama green car Kuro 380 and Moha 380 200, which has different roof tops and windows from other cars, connected at the top. It is a commercialization in the active form that reproduces the difference of details of details such as removal of the side sabot receiver with the renewal, embedding of the side emergency exit, and plateing of the car number.
It can be reproduced from the four-car train of the low season, to the six-car train which can be seen on weekends, etc., and you can enjoy it with your favorite car.
Commercialized (normal + sub organization) this time, from October 1, 2016 (2016), in order to flexibly respond to operations during the busy season, based on the four cars of the normal, 7 will compose the additional three cars 7 It is an organization that is operated by both.
Kumoha 381 for the first car remodeled car with a front penetration door installed, Saha 381 that has been downgraded from a green car to an ordinary car, Black 381 upgraded from an ordinary car to a green car, and Kuha 381 that leaves an impression at the time of manufacturing You can enjoy unique and different vehicles from "Lazy and Easy" incorporating panoramic green cars of existing products.

Main features

-Series 381 "Loose Yakumo" (normal + sub organization) (part number: 10-1452)
Reproduced appearance (side Sabo receiving removed, embedded side emergency exit, LED-type side display, car number plate) accurately reproduce.
・ Kumoha 381-509 reproduces the front through door, small train mark, and red large skirt.
-Black 381-132 reproduces the distinctive seat arrangement of 1 + 2 and the color of the seat different from a regular car.
-Kuha 381-112 has a Sabo holder, and reproduces the form close to the original form such as the direction curtain of white background and the car number of the character.
・ The middle connection part and the spider's 381-509 head part adopt the body mount tightly connected coupler without hook.
・ It is equipped with KATO's original pendulum mechanism that the vehicle body inclines inside the curve when entering a curve like a real vehicle.
・ The power unit with a flywheel achieves stable driving.
・ The nickname display adopts conversion type train mark. Two types of "Yakumo (Wide)" and "Yakumo (Narrow)" are included.
・ The pantograph adopts one horn type that can be seen in the recent West Japan DC train.
-Kuha 381, Saha 381, Moha 380 seen on the side of the vehicle "Loose Yakumo" logo mark is also beautifully reproduced.
・ Kumoha 381-509 comes with a dummy coupler + skirt with two-stage connection for replacement.
-Kuha 381-312 The top of the floor corresponds to the connection operation. A combination of the included coupling coupler and a through-pass cover for Moha 380-586 can reproduce a 9-car train including the panoramic vehicle of the existing product (No. 10-1451).
・ Destination indication seal attached. Includes "Limited Express Yakumo Okayama" and "Limited Express Yakumo Izumo City". Divided into LED side destination display and curtain side destination display for Kuha 381-112.
・ DCC friendly

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