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10-1505 *JR 2000 Series Shikoku Shiokaze/Ishizuchi Train Pack

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We will commercialize the 2000 Series, an express-type diesel engine that represents JR Shikoku. Active as an express train connecting the cities of Honshu and Shikoku and Shikoku, the 2000 series is the world's first pendulum-type pneumatic vehicle and the first controlled pendulum vehicle in Japan. The first prototype TSE organization appeared in 1989, and received the laurel award of the same year. Production vehicles appeared in 1990 (1990), and driving at a maximum speed of 120 km / h is being carried out. 

Currently, we can see the figure working with the improved N2000 series, which has been improved to 130 km / h maximum speed.

Main features

・ Because it incorporates the power to the leading car of penetration type, it is characterized by being able to reproduce the formation of various limited express trains by rearranging vehicles like a real car.
・ Replay of the additional car linkage formation seen at the time of many customers by combining the 4-car set and 3-car set of the limited express "Nankaze" and enjoy the single-line driving seen during the trial operation using only one motor vehicle You
-The prototype is a form in which the door window has been miniaturized since the 2000s. Side window support is commercialized in the form of metal frame, exhaust pipe extension, indoor renewal, and the 2000 series electric trains removed.
-Limited express "Nankaze" 4 set, limited express "Shiokaze Ishizuchi" 7 set includes non-penetrating green synthetic car 2000 form included. The three-car set is the organization of only the leading cars 2100 and 2150.
・ The 7-car set of specially designed items is a composition that reproduces "Shiokaze Shishizu" of the forecast line, which was used before all the "Shiokaze" trains were converted to trains.
・ A light blue band is included in the silver body, and the appearance with the yellow in front of the leading car is beautifully reproduced. Reproduce the difference in silver color of each part.
・ The indoor parts are reproduced in blue.
・ It is equipped with the unique body pendulum mechanism of KATO, in which the vehicle body inclines inside the curve when entering a curve like a real vehicle.
・ The power unit is mounted on the lead-through type leading car 2100 for both sets. Stable driving is realized by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
-Limited express "south wind" 4-car set, limited express "Shiokaze Ishizu" 7-car set with traction tire, 3-car set without traction tire considering the mixture.
-Head / tail light, head mark lights on each leading car. The lead-through type 2100/2150 is equipped with a light off switch.
-Through-the-car leading part leading to the middle connecting part and middle connecting parts with each set adopts no hook body mounted close connection type coupler. The head of the car leading to the end of the organization adopted dummy coupler. The 2000 type has no electrical connection and the 2100/2150 type reproduces the form with an electrical connection. Coupling coupler for exchange, dummy coupler is attached.
-Two types of skirts with emphasis on appearance when the dummy coupler is equipped and 2 types of skirt when equipped with the coupling coupler are included for the 2100/2150, one each.
・ The 2150 and the 2100 which is in the middle are in front of the Holo.
・ Head marks are different in each set.
4-Car Set: "Nankaze" already installed. "Shimanto" "Ashisuri" "(plain)" is included for replacement.
3-Car Set: "Shimanto" already installed. "Nankaze", "Ashizuri", "Uwakai" and "(plain)" are included for replacement.
7-car set: "Shiokaze" "Shishizu" already installed. "Uzushio", "Uwakai" and "(plain)" are included for replacement.
・ Dedicated destination indication sticker attached corresponding to each set.
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